The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek

The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek

To give you a brief background about this model, it was made easy by Simon Sinek.
He is the author of two books entitled Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last.
He also has a Ted talk sharing about this exact model and it has reached more than 6 million views.


If you are hearing this for the first time, that’s great. Here we go!



The Golden Circle has 3 layers. It looks like a bullseye mark.
In the middle is the why. The second layer is the how. And the outer most layer is the what.
The why is your purpose. The answer to the question, “why do you think you exist on this earth?”


The how is your actions. Your purpose should be manifested through the activities that you do.


The what is basically the results of your actions. It is what we label as the fruits of your labor.


The common mistake that people or companies make is that they start from the outside in.
They know what they do. They can name their titles. The products they offer and etc.
They can share how they are different from all the competitors out there.
But most of them have a difficulty in answering why they do what they do.


What our perspective should be is to start from the inside out.
We need to understand why we are doing what we’re doing.
Once we do, the how becomes easy. Hence, the what becomes easy too.
This is a paradigm shift that we have to make when we do business.


A lot of us have heard the name “the Wright brothers” but only few knows “Samuel Langley”.


They were the people who tried to invent the revolutionary flying machine known as the airplane.


The Wright brothers and Samuel Langley had different backgrounds.


Here’s the difference.


When Samuel Langley tried to create the airplane, his intention was to be rich and famous.
He was given $50,000 as funding by the US war department.
He hired the best brains that can support him in building the airplane.
The media was all over him as he progresses.


On the other hand are the Wright brothers. They believe that they can fly.
They shared the idea to their neighbors in which they helped them out.
They just got some parts in their bicycle shop and assemble them altogether.
In December 1903, the first flight took place.


After this happened, Samuel Langley quit.
He could have improved the invention of the Wright Brothers.
But he didn’t see that aligning with his why, which were to be rich and famous.


The major difference between the two is their belief system – the why.
They had different hows but the stronger why prevailed.
This is the same with our business.
Our belief should be stronger than any circumstances that come our way.


Finding ones purpose is too big to comprehend. It is a subjective subject.
Discovering it is a personal process and may take awhile to go through the journey.
However, it would be best to start thinking about it as early as now.
For your business, why did you start it? What’s the purpose of its existence?
Drop a comment so we can connect with it.
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