The 3 Benefits of Doing Microcontent for Your Brand

The 3 Benefits of Doing Microcontent for Your Brand

Producing high quality & high value content to attract and engage your niche is the best, most organic way to keep the relationship.

You can produce white papers, pdfs, e-books, articles and infographics — each has a specific purpose. No matter what type of content you produce, we’re missing one thing: micro-content.

Micro-content can easily be distributed thru various platforms that:

1. Increase our reach in an efficient way.

2. Connect with your audience

What is Microcontent?

Think of it this way, its small items extracted from larger content to entice viewers. If you have a 1 hour long webinar, we can cut them into 3 – 4 one minute videos that we can share across all platforms (social accounts, blogs, newsletters and more).

Benefits Of Microcontent


The numbers don’t lie: Millions of people are consuming Microcontent sites.

Why not use them to attract more customers?

Why not position your product as cool and innovative that reel them through quick, easy & funny videos?

Once you get the hang of it — and it may take a little practice if you don’t regularly consume microcontent, it is easy to use. We might even say easier than ever.

  • Uploading is quick (and consumable).
  • Your tweet can only be 140 characters.
  • Your Instagram video can only be 15 seconds.


Although it is small, this content can be very effective.


The 3 Ways

1) It is the easiest way to engage with your audience. Microcontent is a great and easy way to lower the barrier to entry, spoon-feeding your audience valuable information in its most condensed form.

2) It increases shareability. Microcontent is suited for sharing on social platforms. People don’t want those lengthy captions, white papers, and videos. They are more likely to share interesting stats or intriguing quotes.

3) Your value increases. Microcontent is efficient and economical because it can be created from existing pieces of content. This way, we can create multiple content (in different forms) with minimal effort. We can break up existing infographics into mini images or sharing relevant data through Instagram and etc.

If you want to know more about microcontent, you can contact the people who made here.


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