The Game Changer

The Game Changer

What is the big deal?
What is this new buzzword again?


Simple. After you gain clarity with your brand, meaning your identity and the identity of your audience. How do you build momentum?


First of all, before we get started. I need you to embrace the fact that you are an owner of a digital business. Meaning, if you do not have one of the three things I will show you, you are not completely present online. Of course there are more than three areas but these areas in general are what you need to be mindful of.




If you got one, good. If you got two, better. If you got all three, sweet deal. We are off to a good start. But wherever you are it doesnt matter. As long as you got started and you are fully accepted into this perspective.


Every business is a digital business.


Two circles you have to look into before you go into building stuff ok?


Circle of control vs circle of influence (identify what you can control and what you can only influence)


On your online presence what do you have control over? What do you have only influence over?


Great. Getting that out of the way is massively important.


Now back to the three areas to watch out for.


Email – constant contact
Website – stall in the mall and online ID for legitimacy
Social – presence and voice


Measuring the level of engagement that you are in these three areas is far from easy but answer these questions first.


1. How set up are you in all three?
2. How much of your business comes from online?
3. How fast do you want to be 100% present in all three?


If you are not set up in all three, just start with where you are comfortable. Right now. Just open it up and get going.


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